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Descriptif : Bordeaux Blanc sec

Blend : 10% Semillon and 90% Sauvignon Gris (grey)

Bright straw colour, good presentation. Bouquet of Sauvignon moderated by the roundness of the Semillon.

On the palate : the richness and the softness of the Semillon harmonises with the flavour of the Sauvignon Grey.

A feminine wine where the suppleness allows it to be consumed with dishes such as : fish, sea-food or poultry, it tastes really good with fried rice , even with fish and chips without the vinegar on the chips.

Technical Files : Dry white

Name of Chateau : La Gontrie
The appellation d’Origine Controlée : Bordeaux dry white
District :Saint Caprais de Bordeaux
Specific Soil of the area :  composed of limestone, clay and gravel
Cepage : 10% Semillon and 90% Sauvignon Gris (grey)
Average age :  10 years
Pruning : Guyot Simple
Average Yield : over 5 years, 45 hectolitres per hectare
Harvesting : machine harvested
Vinification : cold settling – fermentation at low temperature
Racking : tanks
Production : 8000 bottles
Owner : Mr Rives Jean-Louis


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